Re: -Science Literacy for Women and Girls
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 15:08:38 -0500 (EST)

Hi, Angela! Just got home from a 5-day conference in New Orleans on
academic-vocational integration so hope this data is still useful:

Christa McAuliffe Women and Science Symposium.
Contact: (me, info. below)
Now in its fifth year, the Symposium brings together Jr./Mid. and HS girls
and their teachers for a day of showcasing women working in math-, science-,
and technology-related fields. In the morning, various keynote speakers
discuss issues of gender and science. These have included Ruth Hubbard, the
first women to gain tenure at Harvard in the sciences. Showcase Panel, the
female scientists talk briefly about their career, what education/training
they needed, what it is like for a female in that particular field, what "a
day in the life" for them is like, etc.. After lunch, while the students can
go to various breakout rooms for more one-on-one interaction with the
Showcase Panelists they were most interested in, the teachers receive an
introductory training in models designed to encourage girls in MST courses
and careers. This models have included Operation SMART from Girls, Inc.

Christy Hammer, Ph.D.
Science, Technology and Society Consultant
Bureau of Professional Standards
NH Department of Education
101 Pleasant Street
Concord NH 03301

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