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Melissa Ponder (mponder@edcc.ctc.edu)
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> We just wanted to let folks in Washington state know that one of
>our speakers, Tim Wise, will be in the area the last week of April--April
>28 through May 2. If you'd like to take advantage of him being in
>Washington and bring him to your campus or community to speak, let us know
>as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.
> Warmest regards,
> Felicia Gustin for Speak Out
>P.S. Here's biographical information on Wise. If you'd like a full
>publicity packet, let us know.
>Tim Wise
> Tim Wise is a Nashville-based political organizer and analyst,
>specializing in race relations and political movements of the far-right. He
>conducts anti-prejudice seminars in schools, churches and synagogues across
>the country, and has spoken to over 15,000 people in twenty states on
>issues of racism and the growing conservative backlash against liberal
>social policy.
> From 1990 to 1992, Wise served as Assistant Director of the
>Louisiana Coalition Against Racism and Nazism, the organization credited by
>The New York Times and others with the political devastation of David
>Duke. Wise currently is Director of the Youth Anti-Prejudice Project and
>Progressive Policy Associates. Wise has trained grass-roots activists on
>the principles of progressive economics, as Project Coordinator of the
>Louisiana Alliance for Fiscal Fairness, and has conducted public policy
>research for a wide range of state and national organizations.
> Wise is author of Little White Lies: The Truth About Affirmative
>Action and "Reverse Discrimination" and The Politics of Prejudice: Racial
>Scapegoating in the 1990s. His writings have appeared in Z Magazine,
>Crossroads, Counterpunch, the Louisiana Weekly and the New Orleans Tribune.
> Wise has been a featured speaker at numerous local, state and
>national conferences and on dozens of campuses. He was selected for a
>national lecture showcase at the 1996 National Convention of the National
>Association for Campus Activities (NACA) and lecture showcases at 1997 NACA
>Regional Conferences in the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, Far West and
>Wisconsin regions. Wise has appeared on hundreds of radio and television
>programs to debate today's most pressing issues. He has squared off against
>Nazis, religious fundamentalists and a number of conservative luminaries,
>including Dinesh D'Souza, Nathan Glazer, assorted members of Congress,
>former officials of the Reagan Administration, and the producer of the Rush
>Limbaugh Show. He has also been credited with convincing dozens of neo-Nazi
>skinheads to leave the racism movement after a nationally-televised
>confrontation with a leader of the Ku Klux Klan.
> Wise has a B.A. in Political Science from Tulane University and is
>a native of Nashville, Tennessee. As a student, his efforts in the
>anti-apartheid movement received international media attention and earned
>the personal thanks and praise of South African President Nelson Mandela
>and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
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