new video for sex.harass.prevent deaf and hard of hearing

Sattel, Sue (
Fri, 07 Mar 97 12:17:23 cnt

The MN Department of Children, Families and Learning has released a
vew videotape on sexual harassment prevention for deaf and hard of
hearing students (K-12). At awareness level, it is racially and
ethnically diverse, is signed and captioned throughout and has audio
for the hearing. Available with a K-6 and a 7-12 curricula, it costs
$20 in Minnesota and $100 elsewhere. Shipping and handling are
included in the price. The video was produced and developed by Sue
Sattel, Equity Specialist, but is available by e-mail from or write Minnesota Children, 977 Capitol
Square Building, 550 Cedar St. St. Paul, MN 55101. Other addresses
you may have seen on advertisements will work too. The video tape is
entitled Sexual Harassment: It's Not Fun/It's Illegal (for deaf and
hard of hearing students). The curricula is Girls and Boys Getting
Along K-3 and 4-6 in one document; and Sexual Harassment to Teenagers:
It's Not Fun/It's Illegal 7-12.

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