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AAAS has done some VERY useful work. What would also be useful are
personal stories about and documentation specifically of successful science
programs that stress excellence and equity for traditionally underserved
populations besides girls. Programs that have a track record and are in
place today in public schools. Maybe that will be in the "Thought and
Deeds" to come from The Collaboration? Or am I dreaming?
*Still, does anyone out there have any personal stories (along with back-up
data, analyses, and evaluation) to tell along these lines? It may take
some powerful stories coupled with good documentation to change the minds
of some key stakeholders.

Peter Donahoe@RBS
03/10/97 05:05 PM

FYI, further resources from AAAS. The Collaboration also offers workshops
on equity topics, contact Eva Gavillan for more information.

---------------------- Forwarded by Peter Donahoe/RBS on 03/10/97 04:57 PM

The Collaboration for Equity: Fairness in Science and Mathematics

New Educational Equity Products for
Policymakers and Educators

American Association for the Advancement of Science Washington, DC

The Collaboration for Equity: Fairness in Science and
Mathematics Education seeks to ensure that the efforts
to reform mathematics and science education improve
quality for all while decreasing the historical gaps in
participation and performance between groups. The focus
is on girls and women -- of all colors, backgrounds, and
abilities -- but the benefits of the project will accrue
to all groups.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the project
is a partnership of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS), Education Development
Center, Inc., Campbell-Kibler Associations, Nancy
Kreinberg (founding director of EQUALS), and Girls

The Collaboration works with policymakers, leaders of
reform efforts, educators, researchers, and equity
advocates to translate what equity means into concrete
strategies and actions. Products include tools for
monitoring the equity impact of reformed practices and
policies, materials that make the case for the link
between equity and excellence, summaries of research
about equity in mathematics and science, analyses of
data on enrollment and achievement, and meetings to
mobilize the educational community to embrace equity of
outcome as a measure of success.

The Collaboration for Equity offers the following
publications for policymakers and other educators:

* Bibliography/Resources. This annotated bibliography
provides research and resource references on educational
equity with a focus on gender and on mathematics and
science. $5.00 each, $40 for a set of 10.

* How Would I Handle That? Using Vignettes to Promote
Good Math and Science Education. A collection of
field-tested vignettes dealing with educational issues
related to mathematics, science, and equity, with an
introduction on how to create your own vignettes. $2.00
each, $8.00 for a set of 10.

* Striving for Gender Equity: National Programs to
Increase Student Engagement with Math and Science. What
Research and Evaluation Say. A descriptive summary of
available research and evaluation information on 10
national gender-related mathematics and science
programs. $2.00 each, $8.00 for a set of 10.

* Environmental Checklist. An instrument designed to
help create a better learning environment for all
students; divided into five critical areas:
administrative policies/data collection, curriculum and
teacher development, family and community
development, and learning environment. $2.00 each, $8.00
for a set of 10.

* Equity and Systemic Reform. An analysis of how equity
is defined in current mathematics/science reform
documents, how these definitions emerged over time, and
what educational decision makers believe must be done.
$2.00 each, $8.00 for a set of 10.

* New Angles on Math and Science Equity: Policy Makers
Making a Difference. The first in a series, this
20-minute audiotape addresses equity issues and how they
influence student involvement in mathematics and
science. The narrators provide policy makers with
information, strategies, and resources to help increase
student achievement. $5.00 each, $40 for a set of 10.

* How Far We've Come: Progress and Predicaments in
Achieving Equity of Access, Treatment, and Outcome. A
fact sheet produced by Girls Incorporated for the
Collaboration for Equity, to help policy leaders and
other advocates examine the information available to
make the case for putting resources into achieving
equity. $2.00 each, $8.00 for a set of 10.

* The Case for Equity and Excellence in Math and Science
Education. A policy and research discussion paper that
lays out the arguments for why excellent mathematics and
science education must include all. $2.00 each, $8.00
for a set of 10.

* Thoughts and Deeds: Equity in Mathematics and Science
Education. Policy makers, researchers, and practitioners
spell out what educational leaders should know about
equity in concise essays. Topics include definitions,
assumptions, and the significance of equity; equity in
classrooms and schools; and the role of educational
leaders in shaping equity., $15.00 each, $135 for set of
10. (Available in Spring)

To order these publications, contact the AAAS ,
Education and Human Resources Programs, 1200 New York
Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005, (800) 222-7809, or
(301) 490-0056 for local or international calls. To
learn more about the Collaboration for Equity, contact
Eva M. Gavillan at AAAS, (202) 326-7017, or by e-mail

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