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Peter Donahoe@RBS
03/11/97 12:22 PM

It's possible that as part of its technical assistance program to SEAs, the AAAS
"Science Education Reform for All" (SERA) Project may have done some of this
collecting of personal stories and documentation of successful programs. I
don't see that aspect of TA discussed in the report on state departments of
education (posted yesterday), but I've contacted Eva Gavillan at AAAS anyway to
inquire further about products and resources resulting from SERA.

It also is the case that the target audience for much of SERA's efforts are the
key stakeholders, e.g., chief state school officers, district superintendents,
other policymakers, leaders of PD programs for teachers. You might want to
contact Eva Gavillan and inquire further about how (and with what success) SERA
has been "encouraging and guiding" these stakeholders regarding sci/math/tech
and equity.


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kjohnston @

AAAS has done some VERY useful work. What would also be useful are personal
stories about and documentation specifically of successful science programs that
stress excellence and equity for traditionally underserved populations besides
girls. Programs that have a track record and are in place today in public
schools. Maybe that will be in the "Thought and
Deeds" to come from The Collaboration? Or am I dreaming?
*Still, does anyone out there have any personal stories (along with back-up
data, analyses, and evaluation) to tell along these lines? It may take some
powerful stories coupled with good documentation to change the minds of some key

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