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Mon, 17 Mar 1997 09:29:55 -0500

Subject: [RA-Equity-SC] On-line national calendar a
From: "Chandima Cumaranatunge" <chan@coe.educ.ksu.edu> at Internet
Date: 3/16/97 8:36 PM

*** Regional Alliance Equity
*** Steering Committee Network
*** "Chandima Cumaranatunge" <chan@coe.educ.ksu.edu>

The "National Equity On-line Calendar" can now be accessed at:


Anyone who is interested in upcoming equity-related professional development
events will find this calendar useful. You can also add events to the calendar

Chandima Cumaranatunge <chan@ksu.edu>
IT Specialist, Midwest Desegregation Assistance Center

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