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Dear EdEquity Colleagues,
This message was forwarded to me by Sue Klein at OERI. Please note the deadline
date for submissions if you want to apply. Perhaps a group of folks from
EdEquity might want to suggest topics for a group presentation as a way to bring
some of us together. Sue's colleague suggested that some people might want to
present on math and science related findings. I would be really interested in
finding out it anyone is doing work on building on the strengths of working
class and poor women--across race, culture, ethncity, etc. This would be a
session I would be interested in working on, for example. As someone who now
moves in a middle class academic-related world during the day, lives the rest of
her life in a strong "ethnic" inner city neighborhood, and draws strength from
both my working class family and roots as a first generation woman, I am always
concerned that the strength that keeps women going is sometimes overlooked or
denigrated in some of the research or discussions. Is anyone interested in
working with me on putting together such a proposal? Let me know via e-mail
( Otherwise, I hope this announcement generates lots of
submissions .
Katherine Hanson
Sr. Project Director
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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Subject: CFP: Mid-Atlantic NWSA meeting (fwd)

GWU Women's Studies Program
Allison MacDonald, Secretary 202-994-6942
Funger 506-I/ 2201 G Street NW Washington D.C. 20052

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Subject: CFP: Mid-Atlantic NWSA meeting (fwd)

Please forward to grad students and faculty with the message from
me at the beginning. Thanks.

To Women's Studies Students and Faculty:
The Mid-Atlantic Women's Studies Assoc. Conference will be near
Annapolis (about an hour or less from DC) in October. The call for papers
is attached below. Abstracts are due April 20th.
This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience
presenting at a conference. It will be on a Saturday. If you are a
graduating student and plan to be in the area you can still participate.
You can propose individual papers or a panel. For students, if you want
help and encouragement, I'll be glad to look over your abstract, or help
you put together a panel.

For faculty, this is an opportunity to make our program visible.

The conference information is also listed on the women's studies web

-- Cindy Deitch


Call for papers: Mid-Atlantic National Women's Studies Association Conference

The Mid-Atlantic NWSA Conference will be held at Anne Arundel
Community College, October 18, 1997. The theme of the Fall 1997
conference is "Hidden Realities/Secret Visions." Papers, workshops, panel
presentations, and posters are invited on such topics as:

* The "hidden" experiences of women in non-mainstream cultures

* Insights into the powerful that are available to the less powerful

* Masked or unacknowledged dimensions of women's literature, art, philosophy

* New approaches to research about women from the perspective of science
or the social sciences

* The transformative power of women's "invisible" knowledge, insight,

* Bringing alternative perspectives into traditional classrooms and

* Unspoken/"Secret" visions for change in women's studies programs

The proposals should include: name of contact person, address
and e-mail address, telephone number, 1-3 page description, type of
presentation (not to exceed 1 1/2 hours), and names and brief
biographies of the presenters. DEADLINE for proposals is April 18, 1997.

Send abstracts or proposals (or requests for more information) to:

Dr. Shirley C. Parry
Women's Studies Department
Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012


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