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I have been working on compiling a list of resources for high achool and
middle school for ten years now. The bibliography is by no means
exhaustive, but you might find the following most appropriate for 8-12
year olds. I also have a brief list of the seven or eight videos I have
been able to find if you are interested. I wish you the best of luck;
this is a field in which much effort is needed! Judy Kemlitz

Alic, Margaret. Hypatia's Heritage: A History of Women in Science from
Antiquity through the Nineteenth Century. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1986.

Bailey, Martha J. American Women in Science: A Biographical Dictionary.
CA: ABC-CLIO, Inc., 1994.

Bibel, Debra Jan. "William Bulloch's Pioneer Women of Microbiology". ASM
News, American Society of Microbiology, vol. 51. No7, 1985.

Bonta, Marcia Myers. Women in the FIeld: American Pioneering Women
Naturalists. College Station, TX: Texas A & M University, 1991.

Conway, Jill Ker, ed. Written By Herself: Autobiographies of American
Women: An Anthology, NY: Random House, 1992.

Dash, Joan. The Triumph of Discovery: Women Scientists who won the Nobel
Prize. HJ: Julian Messner, 1991.

Edeen, Susan and John, with Virginia Slackman. Portraits for Classroom
Bulletin Boards: Women in Mathematics. CA: Dale Seymour, 1990.

Galdikas, Birute M. F. "My Life With Orangutans". International Woldlife,
March/April 1990.

Holloway, Margeurite. "Profile: Mary Leakey, Unearthing History".
Scientific American. Oct. 1994, vol 271, no. 4.
and "Profile: Nafis Sadik,A Powerful Voice for Women" Jun 93
and "Profile: Rita Levi-Montalcini, Finding the Good in the Bad". Jan 93
and "Profile: Gertrude Belle Elion". Oct. 91

Howard, Jane. "Margaret Mead: self-appointed materfamilias to the world".
Smithsonian, vol 15. no 6. Apr 84.

Johnson, Elsie Ernest "Ida Henrietta Hyde: Early Experiments". The
Physiologist. Bethesda, MD: The American Physiological Society. vol. 24,
no. 6, 1981.

Tucker, Gail S. "Ida Henrietta Hyde: The First Woman Member of the
Society" The Physiologist, Dec. 1981.

Keller, Evelyn Fox. "McClintock's Maize". Science 81. vol 2. no 8, Oct 81.

Kittredge, Mary. American Women of Achievement: Barbara McClintock. NY:
Chelsea House Pub. 1991.

McCullough, David. "A Rothschild who is known as Queen of the fleas".
Smithsonian. vol. 16. no 3. Jun 85.

McDermott, Jeanne. "A Biologist whose heresy redraws Earth's tree of
life". Smithsonian. vol. 20. no. 5. Aug 1989. (Lynn Margulis)

McGrayne, Sharon Bertsch. Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives and
Momentous Struggles. NY: Birch Lane Press, 1993.

Morell, Virginia. "Called 'Trimates' Three Bold Women Shaped Their Field".
Women in Science '93. Science. AAAS. 16 Apr 93, vol 260.

Moynihan, Russert and Crumpacker's set of anthologies (Second to none: A
Documentary History of American Women from Univ. of Nebraska Press, 93)
contains entries by Maria Mitchell, Ellen Richards on Lillian Moller
Gilbreth, Margaret Sanger, Evelyn Fox Keller on Barbara McClintock, and
Sara Sanbourne on Sally Ride.

Rich, Doris L. Amelia Earhart: A Biography. NY: St. Martin's Press, c1993.

Sharnoff, Sylvia Duran. "Lowly lichens offer beauty - and food, drugs and
perfume". Smithsonian, vol. 15, no 1, 1984. (Beatrix Potter)

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Chair - Science Department
Garrison Forest School
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