Panelists sought for Anaheim convention

Mary Haworth Thompson (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 10:37:26 -0800 (PST)

The AAUW national convention is being held June 21-24 at the Disneyland
Hotel in Anaheim California. On Monday, June 23, a Coalitions Activism Day
is being hosted with a variety of workshops planned to address issues of
interest to women and organizations who share the AAUW mission of equity
and education for all women and girls. I am helping to coordinate a
workshop titled "Making it Compute" which addresses how women can use
technology -- everything from video games to on-line communications -- as a
tool to achieve equity.

We are looking for two women to serve on a panel ( 2 - 3:30 p.m.) who meet
these descriptions:

1. A woman webmaster whose organization uses its website for gender
equity. Preferably someone whose website has had a measurable impact or who
would have good anecdotes about how technology has furhtered their

2. A woman who is active in and has reaped benefits from using gender
equity electronic mailing lists (The Educational Equity [EDEQUITY] or
Regional Alliance Equity Network [RA-EQUITY] lists for example.) Again,
someone with good anecdotes, who could explain the purpose of the list(s),
how it works, etc.

Other parameters about these speakers: Must be from Anaheim/Los Angeles
area *OR* be an AAUW member already planning to attend this convention
because we cannot fund their travel or lodging!!! They would, however, get
a one day pass to participate in Coalition Activism Day, including the Ann
Richards keynote address. For $50 they could go to the LAF (Legal Advocacy
Fund) dinner with Lani Guinier that evening.

If you are interested in participating in this panel under the restrictions
we are operating under please contact me immediately. Also, if you know of
someone who might wish to attend the Coalition Activitism Day as a
panelist, please forward this message to her. We need to get our speakers
before April 4!

Mary H. Thompson

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