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>Subject: Call for Contributors
>Call for Contributions for an Edited Work
>My name is Kim Vaz and I seeking contributions for an edited work which
>will list statements by women of African descent all ages on what they
>have learned about the joys, setbacks, and triumphs of their lives to
>date. I am interested in receiving one to three sentence descriptions of
>a key idea that they have come to realize about life and how to manage it.
>Please also ask for a sentence as well from mothers, sisters, aunts,
>daughters, grandnieces, third cousins twice removed, colleagues, best
>friends, ex-friends and everyone in between. Once I have collected these
>statements from the contributors, I will seek a publisher. Under each
>person's statement will be her name and age.
>I recently read a one-page list of such statements not identified by race
>and gender and found it quite affirming, I feel a book of statements by
>women of African descent will be even more affirming--it would be gifts
>that we give to each other. I intend to title the book "What the
>Village of Women Discovered when They Danced with Life: A Chronicle of
>Wisdom by Women of African Descent." The main title is derived from a
>story from the Yoruba sacred literature about a village of women at war
>with the deities and the one goddess who knew how to bring peace to the
>warring factions.
>Interested contributors should send their statements no later than April
>30, 1997 to Kim Vaz, Department of Women's Studies, HMS 413, University of
>South Florida, Tampa, Fl 33620. You may fax your statement to me at
>813-974-0336 or e-mail me at For more information
>you may call me at 813-9740985. I look forward to reading the statements
>from girls and women of all ages.
>About the editor: Kim Vaz teaches in the Department of Women's Studies at
>the University of South Florida. She has been the recipient of a Ford
>Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship for research on "The Place of African
>Mythology in The Psychology of Black Women." She was awarded the 1996
>Women of Color Psychologies Award from the Association for Women in
>Psychology for her paper "Racial Aliteracy: White Appropriation of Black
>Presences" which was published in Women & Therapy. . . a feminist journal,
>1995. I am the editor of Black Women in American, Sage Publications, 1995
>and Oral Narrative Approaches with Black Women: Collecting Treasures, Sage
>Publications, June, 1997.
>Please Distribute Widely


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