Books for girls
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 17:52:17 -0500 (EST)

Hi Terra, et al.,

You may want to check out my website, Start with Girls ages 12-18 review books in
different categories themselves, and some reflect feminist leanings. I just
got a review of the new Roosevelt biography which one young feminist loved -
she's 15, not 13, although 13 is common on my site. That review won't be up
for a couple of days though!

I also personally love "Written by Herself", edited by Jill Ker Conway. It
has autobiographies by all kinds of women, from writers like Maya Angelou to
singers like Marian Anderson to scientists, politicians like Margaret Sanger,
doctors, and more.

My site accepts reviews from all kinds of girls, not just feminists, because
I feel I should let them think what they want and decide for themselves when
they see a variety. So don't be startled to find reviews of "teen trash" and
"Christian romance" along with reviews of nature essays by women and poetry
books by Ann Rice. In any case, I'd be very pleased if the 13-year-old you
know wanted to submit book reviews for my site.

Isabel Walcott
SmartGirl Internette
New York City

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