WorldWID Fellows Program: Egypt and India

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Wed, 26 Mar 1997 11:16:27 +0000

Special Recruitment for WorldWID Fellowship Program:

Dear EDEQUITY subscribers,

Once again, I would like to post a special recruiting announcement
for the program, this time for those of you with specific interest
and experience in
* girls'and women's education, and Egypt
* human rights advocacy or women's health, and India

The official deadline for the Program was March 1. However, the
WorldWID Fellows Program is still accepting applications from
individuals who fit the criteria which follows. Please forward all
requests for information to Dr. Viriginia Seitz, WorldWID Fellows
Program, at the University of Florida, as listed below. Thank you
for your patience with my multiple and frequent postings.

Regards, Andrea K. Freeman, Program Assistant, WorldWID
The WorldWID Fellows Program is requesting applications from
mid-career professionals who are U.S. citizens and have
institutional support for their application to our program. The
WorldWID Fellows program is for one year, consisting of approximately
six weeks of training at the University of Florida in methods for
gender analysis and their evolution and application in the field of
Women and Development (WID) and Gender and Development, followed by
an orientation to USAID in Washington, D.C., and a 9.5 month field
assignment with the USAID mission in either Egypt or India. The
training and orientation will be in June and July of 1997, and the
field assignment will begin in August, 1997. Persons with the
flexibility to extend their time in Egypt beyond 9.5 months should
give us the details in their letter of interest.

We are interested in applicants who have qualifications appropriate
for the following field assignments in Egypt and India. Please
remember that all negotiations with USAID and USAID-funded programs
on placements are made by the WorldWID Program Staff.

1). PhD or MA in education (e.g., educational policy and planning,
educational economics, educational anthropology, educational
administration,international education), or a related social-science

2). Knowledge and experience in the design, implementation,
evaluation, and replication of approaches and interventions for
increasing girls' attendance, retention, and completion of primary
school, or comparable knowledge and experience.

3). Experience working in international educational development,
preferably in girls' and women's education or related area, or
comparable experience (i.e., experience in the US working with
disadvantaged communities, Indian reservations, inner cities, etc.).

4). Demonstrated expertise and technical knowledge of education
systems, methods, models, and approaches (highly desirable).

5). Demonstrated ability to lead systematic planning and to establish
realistic benchmarks, milestones, and intermediate and terminal
project targets, and demonstrated ability to work successfully in a
team setting.

6). Demonstrated superior English writing and speaking skills.
Fluency in Arabic highly desirable.

1). Professional experience in human rights advocacy or women's health.

2). Knowledge of Indian society and culture a plus.

3). Hindi and/or Bengali helpful.


Please contact:
Dr. Virginia Seitz
WorldWID/Office of International Studies and Programs
123 Tigert Hall, P.O. Box 113225
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Tel.(352) 392-7074, Fax (352) 392-8379
Thanks for posting.

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