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You may also want to check out "Giant LAw, Giant Education, and Ant: A story
about Racism and Native Americans" in the August 1988 Harvard Education Review--
the special issue is acalled RAce, RAcism, and American Education: Perspectives
of Asian Americans, Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans. Also our volume by
Dr. Ardy Bowker, Sisters in the Blood: The Education of Women in Native America
($19 plus handling) While neither are autobiographical, I think they provide
important insights ...Dr. Bowker's book is the first to examine what education
is like for Native women--it's based on interviews with nearly 1,000 American
Indian women, provides a history of education, analyzes problems, develops a
theory about effective practices to reduce the high dropout rates among American
Indian youth, and offers recommendations to policymakers and educations.

Good Luck,
Katherine Hanson
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This isn't an autobiography, but Lisa Delpit's "Teaching Other People's
Children" has some striking excerpts of interviews with Native Alaskan

Date: 3/26/97 1:03 PM
To: Cathy Miles Grant
I am looking for a teacher autobiography by a Native American for an
introductory course to students thinking about becoming teachers. Any
Thanks. Susan L. Schlechter

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