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> The Fight in the Fields, Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers'
>Struggle, a two-hour documentary, will air on PBS on April 16th, at 9PM
>(check local listings). The companion book, published by Harcourt Brace,
>will be available April 1 in bookstores.
> Cesar Chavez was a great labor leader and community activist who
>was able to bridge the gap between migrant farmworkers and the American
>public. This film captures his message and philosophy of creative
>non-violence, and preserves an important chapter in our history.
> Chavez inspired the Chicano activism of the 60's and '70s, and
>united working-class Mexican Americans with students, religious people,
>unions, and ordinary people of good will throughout the country in a fight
>for social justice. Millions of Americans supported the grape boycott and
>won the farmworkers their first contracts.
> The film is produced by Rick Tejada-Flores and Ray Telles, both
>veteran documentary producers, and is a presentation of the Independent
>Television Service. Major funding was provided by the National Endowment
>for the Humanities, with additional support from the Corporation for Public
> The companion book was written by Susan Ferris and Ricardo
>Sandoval, edited by Diana Hembree, with photo editor Michele MacKenzie. It
>offers an in-depth look at the life of Cesar Chavez and the history of the
>farmworkers movement. The book includes guest essays by a variety of
>contemporary authors.
>Schools, libraries, and community organizations can purchase videocasettes,
>copies of the companion book, study guides and posters by contacting (800)
>903-7804 or www.itvs.org/chavez or writing: The Fight in the Fields Dept.
>A, Box 3250 Sparks, NV 94332-3250
>For more information, contact
>Rick Tejada-Flores or Laurie Coyle
>(415) 285-3937 fax (415) 285-5687
>e-mail: grtf@aol.com or grtf@igc.org
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