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Deaar Equity colleagues,
I thought this new website, developed by one of the centers here at EDC would
be of interet. While you're checking this one out, you might also want to
visit the WEEA site: ( We'll be revising it soon
and would like to have links and descriptions of all key equity sites. If you
have a site that isn't listed, please send a summary of the site and the url to
me (e-mail below) and I will make sure the information gets put on. Thanks

Katherine Hanson, director
WEEA Equity Resource Center
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hosted by the EDC Homepage!!

The Center for Science Education website proves to be a great on-line resource
on systemic science education reform efforts. It encompasses the Center's
current work on improving and supporting science education reform nationwide.
The site features projects that range from instructional materials development
to technical assistance and professional development, all grounded on
fundamental principles about inquiry-based science teaching and learning.

Specific features of the CSE site include:

* a detailed description of Insights, a hands-on inquiry-based curriculum
developed by the Center and geared to the elementary, middle, and high
school levels. Through our interactive mode you can contact
representatives from the curriculum developer teams as well as from the
publishing agency. You can even place curriculum orders via the web,

* an extensive description of the Center for Urban Science Education Reform
(CUSER), a systemic reform project funded by the National Science

* a profile describing the programs and projects that frame the reform
efforts in science for each of the current participating districts in the
CUSER network across the nation,

* a description of other projects that are part of the wide range of efforts
on urban elementary science reform, and

* a comprehensive overview of the institutes, seminars and meetings organized
by CUSER as opportunities offered to its districts to talk about the
critical issues and components of the systemic reform movement in
science. Agendas and even the bibliographies of the resources collected
for each institute are posted.

To obtain a better idea of the nature of the Center's work, you can browse
through our "Products" and "Reports" sections. The "News" page would give you
updated information of current and upcoming activities and events. Finally, we
would like to refer you to the section on related "Links", which includes a
selected list of important organizations and sites relevant to various aspects
of science education reform and constitutes a valuable page to visit.

Check it out!
You can get there by typing,
or via the EDC Homepage:


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