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Wed, 16 Apr 1997 11:47:05 -0400

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1. Alexis Herman Confirmation
2. "Choose to Laugh, Laugh to Choose" Comedy Event
3. Feminist Majority Foundation News Releases
4. Sexual Assault Awareness Month

1. The Senate Committee on Labor and Human relations has voted unanimously
to confirm Alexis Herman as U.S. Secretary of Labor. A full vote in the
Senate has been delayed. Use our Take Action Section at
http://www.feminist.org/action/1_action.html to contact your Senators today to
urge immediate confirmation of Alexis Herman, a uniquely qualified
individual for this position.

2. On May 12, the Feminist Majority Foundation will host the first East
Coast "Choose to Laugh, Laugh to Choose" comedy event to benefit the
Feminist Majority Foundation's National Clinic Defense Project. Comics from
both coasts are donating their talents, including Betsy Salkind, Rene Hicks,
Julie Goldman, Janine Di Tuilio, Carolyn May and Passion. Join the Feminist
Majority Foundation, Eleanor Smeal, and Peg Yorkin at The Improv in
Washington, DC for yet-more-proof-that-feminists-do-have-a-sense-of-humor.
Tickets are $100. For more information or to place an ad in the Joke
Program, contact the Feminist Majority Foundation Comedy Event Team at
703-522-2214 or e-mail femmaj@feminist.org, or visit
http://www.feminist.org/rrights/ctl.html .

3. Ever wonder where to find the Feminist Majority Foundation's position on
an issue? Check out our Press Release section at
http://www.feminist.org/news/press.html to read about our reaction to the
transfer of mifepristone rights to former Roussel Uclaf CEO Dr. Edouard
Sakiz, our position on the domestic violence offender gun ban, our support
of Alexis Herman, our reactions to anti-abortion violence, and more. Also
find our quarterly newsletter, the Feminist Majority Report, in this
section, located in Feminist News & Events.

To receive the Feminist Majority report at your home or office, join the
Feminist Majority or contribute to the Feminist Majority Foundation. Hit
the "Join" button on our site or contact us at 703-522-2214 or
femmaj@feminist.org. Look for the new Spring newsletter in a few weeks!

4. Remember - April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Find hotlines across
the nation, links on several topics related to sexual assault, and calendar
events to promote awareness in our special April feature at
http://www.feminist.org/911/assaultmonth.html .

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