Call for materials that promote gender equity for people with
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:15:49 -0400 (EDT)

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The Gender Equity and Disability Subpanel of the Gender Equity Expert Panel
is seeking your help in identifying programs, practices, products and
research studies designed to promote gender equity in education for people
with disabilities. Such materials will be considered for a recommendation to
the Secretary of Education as promising or exemplary resources in the field
of gender equity and disability, and if so designated, will be shared with
other educators, equity specialists and activists around the country

To give you some background, a recent initiative by the US Department of
Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) has
established the Gender Equity Expert Panel to make decisions about promising
and exemplary products, programs, materials and practices that focus on
promoting gender equity in education, with education broadly defined to
include not only formal schooling but diverse arenas in which youth and
adults learn. This panel, which is being coordinated by the WEEA Equity
Resource Center at Education Development Center, Inc., and by Dr. Susan Klein
of OERI, consists of several subpanels:

Core Gender Equity
Gender Equity and Disability
Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Prevention of Violence and Sexual Harassment
Teacher Education and Professional Development
Vocational Education and School-to-Work

The subpanels have two main tasks: 1)to solicit materials for submission to
the appropriate subpanels, and 2)to evaluate submitted materials, make
recommendations to the Secretary of Education, and offer feedback to
developers for their improvement.

The Gender Equity and Disability Subpanel, which has received supplemental
support from the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
(OSERS) of the U.S. Department of Education, is seeking to identify and
evaluate high quality programs and materials for people with disabilities and
their allies that recognize and address gender-specific needs and issues,
including issues of gender bias and double discrimination based on gender and
disability occurring in school, at home and in the larger community. The
Subpanel will also consider programs and materials addressing disability
equity issues that may not have been designed with gender in mind but have
proven to be particularly
beneficial for women and girls with disabilities.

Examples might include:

o Programs and materials specifically designed for women and girls with
disabilities that address such issues as advocacy/leadership/empowerment;
sexuality/body image/self-esteem; violence prevention; math and science
education; or access to employment

o Programs and materials for people with disabilities addressing the same
types of issues described above that have been especially effective for women
and girls

o Training programs and materials on gender equity and/or the intersection
of gender and disability equity for teachers, counselors, parents or others
involved in the lives of people with disabilities

If you know of any resources that might fit these categories, or if your
yourself have developed appropriate materials, please contact the Subpanel
Chair, Harilyn Rousso, with the title(s), developer(s), including address
and/or phone, and, if possible, a brief description so that a submission
packet can be sent to the appropriate persons/organizations. Harilyn can be
reached by e-mail:; or by telephone/fax: 212-673-4284. SEND

Submission guidelines and additional information about the entire Gender
Equity Expert Panel can also be obtained from Joe Maxwell at the WEEA
Equity Resource Center (e-mail:; telephone: 617 969 7100)

Thank you for your help.

Harilyn Rousso,

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