Invitation 4.22.97

mary (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 20:28:42 -0400

Hello. I'm contacting you from Northstar Interactive - an online research
firm in New York - to request your participation in our research panel of
online users. We pay for your time when you are selected to join our
research initiatives, such as online group discussions, and typically you
would be contacted only a few times per year. You can participate right
from your home or office using email or a WWW browser. We keep your
identity strictly confidential -- no one will ever try to sell you
something as a result of participating. If you are interested in sharing
your opinions to make the Web a better place, please reply to this message
and just say "yes." Otherwise, ignore this message. Thanks for your time.
You can learn more about us at

* When replying to this message, please, don't change the subject line.

Mary Nelson
Northstar Interactive

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