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>Special issue of Wicazo Sa Review (1998)
>Call for manuscripts.
>Manuscripts on the impact of computerization on tribal community
>development are being solicited for a special technology and
>culture issue of Wicazo Sa Review. This issue will not only
>identify and discuss ongoing projects, but will seek to address
>the significance of technology's impact on tribal identity and
>Among the topics to be considered are:
>* Disinformation (playing "Indian" on the internet)
>* Intellectural property (disclosing tribal information with and
> without a tribe's consent)
>* Freedom of the "virtual" press and censorship
>* Repatriation of tribal information using innovative technologies
>* Native voice (the "authenticity" of information)
>* Political lessons about the production of multi-media and software
> packages
>* Technology paradigm shifts in Native American curricula
>* Language revitalization using computers
>Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate, double-spaced
>throughout, have numbered endnotes, and be prepared in conformity
>with The Chicago Manual of Style. Submissions and inquires should
>be sent to:
>Ted Jojola
>School of Architecture & Planning
>University of New Mexico
>2414 Central Avenue S.E.
>Albuquerque, NM 87131
>(505) 277-6428 or (505) 277-0076/fax
>Deadline for submissions is October 1, 1997.


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