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Molly Singsen (Molly_Singsen@TERC.EDU)
5 May 1997 14:21:39 U

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In response to Marylin Hulme's request:

"The Color of Fear" is a documentary directed by Lee Mun Wah, a Chinese
American community therapist, filmmaker, educator, performing poet, and Asian
Folkteller. His firm, Stir Fry Seminars & Consulting works with
corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions on the
communication and facilitation of racial issues and conflicts.
To find out how to order the video, contact:
Stir Fry Seminars & Consulting
470 Third Street, Oakland, CA, 94607
(800) 370-STIR Toll free
(510) 419-3930
(510) 419-3934 fax
Stir Fry's web site with information about seminars and trainings is:
More information about "The Color of Fear" from Stir Fry's web page:
"The Color of Fear," an award winning a ground-breaking
film about the state of race relations in America as seen through the eyes of
eight men of various ethnicities. Working from a psycho-social viewpoint,
"The Color of Fear" examines the effects that racism has had on each of the
men. One by one, the men reveal the pain and scars that racism has caused
them, the defense mechanisms they use to survive, their fears of each other,
and their hopes and visions for a multicultural society.

The men featured in the film are of African, Asian, European, and Latin
American origin. All of the dialogue is spontaneous and un-scripted. Out of
their intimate and intense confrontations emerges a deeper sense of
understanding and trust for their uniqueness and common desire to be accepted
and understood. This is the type of dialogue most of us fear yet hope will
happen in our lifetime.

Since April 1994, "The Color of Fear" has been viewed by over 17,000 people.
Recently, the film was awarded highest honors by the 1995 National
Educational Media Competition. The film has been shown to over 9,000 federal
employees in U.S. departments such as Treasury, Defense, Forestry, and Social

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