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U.S. Organizing Committee for the World Youth Festival
>2565 Broadway #236
>New York, NY 10025
>phone and fax: 212-866-7270
>July 27 to August 6, 1997
>Havana, Cuba
>The May 15th deadline for applications to participate in the delegation
>being organized by the U.S. Committee for the World Youth Festival this
>summer is quickly approaching. (See more details below.)
>Throughout the country young people and students are making plans to
>participate in the delegation and momentum is building as local organizing
>committees are reaching out to young people in over three dozen cities and
>national organizations are getting the word out through their own networks.
>Participants from the U.S. will join at least 5,000 other young people from
>around the world. Committees are working in over 50 countries and it is
>expected that people will join the Festival from almost 100 different
>nations. The realities and potential of the global youth and student
>movements will blossom in this international gathering.
>Participants in our delegation will receive detailed information about the
>Festival's program as part of the orientation process. Some of the features
>of the nine days of activities include:
>1) Discussion groups where young people from different constituency groups
>can share their experiences, such as trade unionists, artists, rural youth,
>religious believers, etc.
>2) Workshops and discussion groups organized around the following themes:
>Peace, security, nuclear weapon-free world & international cooperation &
>Anti-imperialist struggle, solidarity, national liberation, sovereignty &
>Democracy & participation
>Environment & sustainable development
>Education, science and technology
>Young women
>Culture and social communication
>Discrimination, racism and neo-fascism
>International youth and student movements
>Human rights and peoples' rights
>3) A "Friendship Fair" where people from around the world will display the
>crafts, posters, videos, books and other cultural expressions from their
>own countries.
>4) Regional Clubs or Centers where the delegations will offer presentations
>of the music, dance and other traditions of their nations. These will also
>be places for exchanges and discussion between delegates.
>5) A full program of visits to places of interest in Cuba, including
>schools, research centers, health care facilities, factories, cultural
>centers and organizations and a number of historical sites.
>6) Recreational and sports activities will be organized for delegates to
>participate in. There will also be plenty of parties and other social
>All Festival participants will stay in the homes of Cuban families and for
>three days delegates will divide up and go to one of the island's 14
>provinces where cultural activities, political discussion and sports
>activities will continue.
>The 14th World Festival will culminate on August 5th with a massive march
>in Havana and a celebration of Carnival.
>If you have not done so yet, now is the time to get an application and mail
>it to us. As soon as your application arrives we will contact you about the
>next steps.
>Local organizing committees are working on outreach and joint fund raising,
>and they will be putting together the orientation session for everyone
>going with us.
>Everyone participating must have a valid passport. If you do not have one
>we encourage you to apply for one now and not wait. As the summer approachs
>the passport offices become much busier and there is no need to put this
>The cost for participants in the U.S. delegation is $600, for applications
>which get to us by May 15th. After that date (from May 16th to June 30th)
>the cost is $625. (See payment schedule below.)
>This includes all of the following:
>- full program of activities in Cuba
>- all meals and lodging
>- transportation within Cuba
>- Cuban visa
>- round trip air fare between a departure city (either Cancun, Mexico or
>Nassau, the Bahamas) and Havana.
>The $600 does not include the following:
>- round trip air fare from your home city to the departure city
>- spending money for such things as souvenirs, drinks or snacks, etc.
>A $50 non-refundable deposit is required with all applications. Send in
>your completed application and deposit as soon as possible.
>Full payment is not be due until June 30th.
>We cannot guarantee participation in the delegation to anyone who applies
>after June 30th.
>For more information and to get an application form, please immediately
>contact us at:
>U.S. Organizing Committee for the World Youth Festival
>2565 Broadway #236
>New York, NY 10025
>phone and fax: 212-866-7270
>Speak Out is the country's only national not-for-profit artists and
>speakers agency. Our roster includes some 200 women and men who represent
>the breadth of movements for social justice. For a full listing, send us
>your full street address.
>Speak Out Phone: (510) 601-0182
>PO Box 99096 Fax: (510) 601-0182
>Emeryville, Ca 94662 Email:
> Web:


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