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carol dwyer (
Fri, 16 May 97 15:31:14 EDT

An equity research colleague at OERI suggested to me that members of this
listserv might be interested in knowing that Nancy Cole (the president of
ETS) and Warren Willingham have recently concluded a major study of gender,
assessment, and related educational issues. If you are interested in
finding out about this topic, the person who can provide the most advance
information is Mercedes Morris Garcia, whose addresses are below. There is
a press release available on the ETS website, The study
appears in its entirety in a book, Gender and Fair Assessment, that will
available from Erlbaum beginning in about a week.

If you would like to start with a briefer monograph by Nancy Cole that
covers some of the main findings and their educational implications, this
is available now at no cost from Mercedes Morris Garcia. Mercedes expects
to have this monograph up on the website soon, but right now she can mail
you a paper copy.

--Carol Dwyer

Mercedes Morris Garcia
Manager, Corporate Media Communications
Educational Testing Service
Mail Stop D-50
Princeton, NJ 08541

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