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>The Uncommon Legacy Foundation offers scholarships for lesbian students
>both locally in the Bay Area and nationally. Following is some
>information about the scholarship guidelines. Please feel free to pass
>this on to any lesbian students you know.=20
>For more information, check out the web site:
> An Uncommon Legacy Foundation
> Scholarship Guidelines
>MISSION STATEMENT: An Uncommon Legacy Foundation, Inc. is an international
>organization established for the express purpose of promoting the civil
>rights and well-being of lesbians today and for future generations.=20
>Legacy supports the lesbian community by providing assistance and awarding
>grants to fund projects that address the social, cultural, health and
>educational needs of lesbians.=20
>Each year, outstanding lesbian students are invited to participate in the
>Legacy Scholarship Program. To apply, applicants must be undergraduate or
>graduate students of an accredited college or university and must follow
>the guidelines below. Consideration will be given to the following
>factors: academic performance, honors, personal/financial hardship, and
>especially, service to the lesbian/gay community. The Legacy awards
>scholarships in the amount of $1,000.=20
>Each applicant must submit:=09
>=B7 Name, address(es) and telephone number(s) (school & home), Social=20
> Security number
>=B7 A cover letter that includes name of school, area of study, type of=
> being pursued and graduation date
>=B7 A personal, insightful statement about her achievements and goals. =
> should be either in writing (500 words or less), or a video or an audio
> tape (no more than 5 minutes)
>=B7 A letter of recommendation from a faculty member or professional with=
> knowledge of your work in the lesbian and gay community
>=B7 A college transcript (undergraduate & graduate transcripts; student=
> acceptable)
>=B7 A photograph/snapshot (optional), which may used at the announcement of=
> awards
>The application deadline is June 1, 1997.
>Please send all submissions to: Scholarship Committee
> An Uncommon Legacy Foundation, Inc.
> 150 West 26th Street, Suite 602
> New York, NY 10001
> (212) 366-6507 (212) 366-4425 (fax)
>The Legacy Scholarship Committee will evaluate applications, interview
>finalists as needed and select the recipients. By law, the scholarship
>money must be paid directly to the educational facility for tuition and
>not to the individual for other expenses. Recipients must allow Legacy to
>use their names, stories and photos in publications, news articles and on
>Legacy=92s internet website.=20

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