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>>From: Virna Tintiangco <>
>>Subject: Job Opportunity at Partners in School Innovation - Partnership
>> Director
>>Hello Everyone,
>>Here is another job opportunity at Partners in School Innovation. We are
>>looking for a Partnership Director. Please forward this e-mail to anyone
>>who may be interested. If you are interested, feel free to call me at my
>>office (415) 824-6196, or send in your resume with a cover letter as soon
>>as possible.
>>Warm Regards,
>>Virna Tintiangco
>>Director of External Relations
>>Partners in School Innovation
>>Partnership Director
>>Partners in School Innovation is a non-profit organization working to
>>improve public schools in low income communities in the Bay Area. As part
>>of the AmeriCorps national service network and the Bay Area School Reform
>>Collaborative, we are providing the people power and relevant skills to
>>enable partner schools to achieve lasting whole-school reform.
>>We are seeking two new Partnership Directors to join our program
>>leadership team.
>>The principal role of the Partnership Director is to manage the overall
>>partnership between Partners in School Innovation and our schools (three
>>schools/Director) towards agreed upon partnership objectives for increased
>>student learning and capacity for ongoing improvement at the school.
>>In addition, Partnership Directors are a part of the program leadership
>>team of a dynamic, growing organization. We are looking for people who
>>have strong interest in and commitment to school reform, and who will be
>>"institution-builders," providing leadership in both our school
>>partnerships and our organization for several years.
>>Partnership Directors have major opportunities for increasing professional
>>skills and knowledge in such areas as: school-reform practices;
>>institutional change management; leadership and coaching. There will be
>>opportunities for advancement as the organization grows.
>>Pay: $30,000 - 34,000 plus benefits, depending on experience
>>Start Date: Mid-June
>>Application Deadline: June 1, 1997 (please respond as soon as possible)
>>The Partnership Director is ultimately responsible for ensuring that we
>>achieve our agreed upon objectives with schools each year and over the
>>span of a three- to five-year partnership. This includes:
>>1. Leading Partners. Providing leadership for our full-time Partners
>>(AmeriCorps Members) to execute their work well. Guiding them in, and
>>holding them accountable for implementing school projects.
>>2. Serving as the "school-reform partner" of the principal and other
>>school leaders in three partner schools. That is, serving as sounding
>>board and coach in planning, leading, monitoring, and redirecting the
>>process of whole-school reform.
>>3. Increasingly over time, develop a community for shared learning and
>>support among schools committed to whole-school reform in one geographic
>>area-e.g., Silicon Valley. This involves close collaboration with the Bay
>>Area School Reform Collaborative, and includes more than partner schools.
>>As part of the overall leadership team, Partnership Directors will also
>>contribute to planning, recruitment, fund-raising, external
>>communications, evaluation, and the other activities required to run
>>Partners in School Innovation well and build its capabilities.
>>* A track record of significant contribution to whole school reform-with
>>teaching or program development in a school reform environment
>>* Experience working in communities of color or with recent immigrant groups
>>* Demonstrated leadership with peers and with others in positions of authority
>>* A strong orientation to both personal and organizational learning
>>* A strong desire to become a major leader over several years in building
>>an excellent organization
>>* Positive-mindedness; action-oriented; a team player; a people person.
>>* Fluency in Spanish
>>* Familiarity with Bay Area communities and schools
>>* Facility with project management and some approach to management by
>>* Experience in change management in another institutional setting
>>Our schools:
>>Eight to ten elementary and middle schools in Oakland, San Francisco, San
>>Jose, San Mateo, and elsewhere in the Bay Area. Five will be established
>>partner schools, and three to five will be new.
>>Our AmeriCorps Members:
>>25-30 full-time AmeriCorps Members-20s, strong interest in education,
>>track records of initiative-taking and leadership-committed to be Partners
>>for two years.
>>Our staff:
>>Three Partnership Directors, each of whom works with two to three partner
>>schools. Director of Professional Development, Director of External
>>Relations, and a part-time administrative staff. Executive Director, who
>>is one of the organization's co-founders, and Deputy Director.
>>Our organizational community:
>>We are committed to building an organization that reflects the diversity
>>of the communities with whom we work, and that strives to use such
>>diversity in accomplishing our common vision. We place high value on
>>enabling our schools to get results, learning from experience, teamwork,
>>and peer leadership to create a thriving learning community.
>>Please send a letter of interest, a resume, and the names of three
>>references to Donna Perrot:
>>1060 TENNESSEE STREET * SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107 * 415/824-6196 FAX:

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