June 9, 1997 is Deadline for OERI Grant Applications

JPotter (JPotter@edc.org)
Tue, 20 May 1997 12:39:00 -0400

There is a combined application package of instructions for the
Field-Initiated Studies Educational Grant Program in the Department of
Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Information on
this and other grant and contract opportunities is available on ED home page
http://www.ed.gov and at http://ocfo.ed.gov

Each of the 5 OERI Research Institutes has one or more people available for
questions. A few of the names include: Delores_Monroe@ed.gov 202-219-2229
or Beth Fine, bfine@inet.ed.gov 202-219-1323 or Carol_Lyons@ed.gov or
Clara Lawson-Holmes, Clara_Lawson@ed.gov, 202-219-2079.

Only educational research projects will be considered. The packages says
OERI estimates making 7 awards per Institue with the average size being
$150,000-225,000 each year over 1-3 years. Research on gender equity is one
of the many areas included in the OERI legislation.

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