Legislative Emergency! (fwd)

Barbara J Tavares (btavares@hawaii.edu)
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 08:49:06 -1000

First Title IV was downsized, resulting in the elimination of any presence
in most states

Now the Federal Vocational Education Act, which has required that no less
than 3% of the state grant be spent on gender equity, I eliminating all
references to same, along with requirements that minimum levels be spent
on teen parent/single parents.

Please read below, and let the key committee members know how you feel.
The next two days may be a make or break for gender equity in education.

Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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Subject: Legislative Emergency!

Legislative Emergency !

The House Early Childhood, Youth and Families subcommittee has issued a
discussion draft of recommendations for the reauthorization of the Perkins
Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act. Several provisions, or lack
thereof, are likely to do great harm to maintaining single parent/displaced
homemaker programs. Furthermore, the draft shows no support for sex equity

Please contact your local programs and ask them to call and fax letters to
the congressional offices of:

Frank Riggs 202/225-3311 (fax) 202/225-3403

Matthew Martinez 202/225-5464 (fax) 202/225-5467

They should talk to them about three things:

1) We need to maintain gender equity in vocational education by having it as
a required use of state and local funds.

These programs increase the capacity of vocational education to benefit girls
in the same way they have traditionally benefited boys. Likewise, single
parent programs provide a first chance for students who are otherwise at high
risk for welfare dependency.

2) Increase the percentage that goes to state leadership and include support
for equity and single parent activities as a required use of these funds.

These funds are used to avoid duplication of cost and effort. Do we really
need thousands of schools developing vocational resources in isolation from
what others are doing? Local programs need technical assistance, staff
development, curriculum development coordinated at the state level. Such
activities enable many schools and districts to share knowledge, resources,
and educational know-how. 3.5% as currently proposed is not adequate. The
current level of 8.5% should be maintained or even increased.

3) Increase state administration funds to 5%.

These funds allow a state to adequately administer and monitor the use of the
funds distributed to the local level. With an increased emphasis on
flexibility, accountability becomes even more important at the state level.
1.5% is unrealistic.

Phone calls and faxes must take place before June 4 when the next vocational
education hearing is taking place. We encourage parents, teachers, students,
and school administrators to make their feelings known.

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