Re: Legislative Emergency! (fwd)

Shevitz (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 18:36:25 -0500

Barbara, thanks to you and Pat Mitchell from New Jersey for getting out the
alert on the Perkins legislation. The National Coalition for Women and
Girls in Education (and its 50 member groups) have been working on the
gender equity pieces in the Perkins reauthorization for several months and
reporting at our monthly meetings. Educational Equity Advocates faxed
messages to all House committee members, as I am sure many other groups did
in response to your alert. We all need to continue to be vigilant if
gender equity is to remain a part of state education efforts.
The Title IV Civil Rigths Act program budget should be voted on by
the House Appropriations Committee in June or early July. We'll keep all
apprised of the date and action needed to secure funding for the DACs and
restore funding for the state programs. Linda Shevitz, NCSEE
representative to the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education;

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