Brave Girls and Strong Women Bookstore online
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 15:36:44 -0400 (EDT)


Are you looking for children's books that show girls who are courageous,
intelligent, and not
afraid to stand up for what they believe in?

This new online bookstore ( allows you to buy
from the complete list of over 40 exciting, empowering books
for young people ages 2-17, all from small publishers dedicated to creating a
world of equality.

Many of these wonderful treasures are hard to find in bookstores and
libraries, but now you can
buy them easily AND many of them are offered at discounted prices.

There's also a list of books for adults about girls' loss of self-esteem and
what parents and
teachers can do to reverse this alarming trend. Most of these titles are
offered at discounted

In addition, if you have a book in you, here is information on how you can
get help to write your
empowering book for girls.

And, of course, a list of links to other sites that help girls take charge of
their lives -- and the

The site was created by Jyotsna Sreenivasan, author of two middle-grade
novels that empower girls: Aruna's Journeys and The Moon Over Crete.

For a nicely-formatted copy of the list to photocopy and give out, as well as
a handy bookmark, send $1 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Jyotsna
Sreenivasan, P.O. Box 15481, Washington, DC 20003-0481.

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