Beyond "The Color of Fear"

Melissa Ponder (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 13:29:19 -0700

>Speak Out announces
>Victor Lewis and Hugh Vasquez,
>two of the leading cast members in the film "The Color of Fear",
>are available to speak in Washington state on September 9, 1997.
>Beyond "The Color of Fear" --
> This workshop picks up where the award-winning documentary film
>left off. It is a dynamic educational experience that transforms cultural
>and racial awareness. In addition to being central figures in "The Color
>of Fear", Lewis and Vasquez draw upon more than 20 years of collective
>experience as educators, activists and trainers on diversity issues.
> If you're interested in bringing Victor Lewis and Hugh Vasquez to
>your campus or community and would like a publicity packet or more
>information on costs and schedules, contact Speak Out at
>(510) 601-0182 or via email:
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