White House Celebration of Title IX 25th Anniversary

Shevitz (shev3@radix.net)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 17:46:55 -0500

Several gender equity colleages from national organizations and I were
fortunate to attend today (June 17) a moving White House celebration "Title
IX: Celebrating 25 Years of Progress." Bill and Hillary Clinton both
spoke about the tremendous impact Title IX has had on increasing
opportunities for girls and women, as did Secretary of Education Riley.
President Clinton also signed an executive order directing all appropriate
federal agencies to report in 90 days to Attorney General Janet Reno on
their Title IX enforcement and monitoring activities. He stated that "we
celebrate how far we've come, but we must rededicate ourselves and
strengthen our enforecment; every recipient of federal funds must know that
Title IX compliance is not optional; it is the law."

Highlights were talks by Jackie Joyner-Kersee, who spoke about the
far-reaching impact of Title IX, well beyond athletics. She noted that now
"A woman's place is Everyplace," and thanked all of the equity activists
that have made the progress afforded by Title IX a reality. An 18-year old
student, Ann Jarvis Jefferson, who just won several prestigious national
science awards, said that Title IX paved the way for her because now nobody
can tell her, "You can't be a scientist." She will be going to Johns
Hopkins to pursue a degree in environmental science (the next Rachel
Carson!). Astronaut Sally Ride was also honored, as were several women
representing workers in non-traditional careers. Those of us who were
there carried the spirit of all of you who have worked so long and hard for
Title IX!!!! Your efforts are appreciated, even in the OVAL OFFICE! Linda
Shevitz, National Coalition for Sex Equity in Education (MD State Dept of
Ed.; shev3@radix.net)

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