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Students Explore Women's Contributions to Science with New CD-ROM from Tom
Snyder Productions

WATERTOWN, MA April 25, 1997 -- Students explore first-hand the compelling
stories of eight diverse women scientists and their exciting work with
Telling Our Stories: Women In Science, a new CD-ROM from Tom Snyder

Designed for grades 5-12, the CD-ROM introduces students to the lives and
careers of eight women scientists through photos, interactive experiments,
multimedia field trips, and more than three hours of audio and video clips.
The scientists work in a variety of fields including astronomy, biology,
chemistry, animal communication, and physics.

Women In Science is available for Macintosh and Windows CD-ROM and costs
$79.95 for a one-computer license. The 20-CD site license costs $599.95.
The program includes a comprehensive teacher's guide with lesson plans,
resource bibliographies, and reproducible worksheets.

Students can choose from five activities to learn more about the
scientists. The Interview activity allows students to learn about the
scientists' lives and their love for science. In the FIELD TRIP activity,
students can visit the scientists at their work sites, which include
exciting places such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, and McMurdo Station
in Antarctica.

In the BIOGRAPHY activity, students read each scientist's biography. The
complementary PHOTO ALBUMS activity lets students browse through personal
photos of special events that shaped the lives and careers of these women.
And with the INTERACTIVE EXPERIMENTS activity, students join a scientist's
team to make observations, gather data, and analyze results.

Women In Science also contains an extensive database of information on 130
women scientists, past and present. Students can read the scientists'
biographies and look through personal photos. The database also lists
resources for further study.

"Throughout history, women have made great contributions to science. Women
In Science allows students to experience this first-hand as they get to
know these eight inspiring scientists personally," stated Laurel Kayne,
project manager for Women In Science. "By giving students a close-up view
of these women and their careers, we generate a curiosity about them and
their fields of study. We want students -- especially girls -- to see
careers in science as exciting and accessible."

Tom Snyder Productions is the leading provider of Interactive Group
Software (IGS) products that enable teachers to use technology to increase
student understanding, knowledge, and problem-solving capabilities. This
unique IGS approach -- which motivates students to interact with each
other, rather than a machine -- not only improves overall academic
performance, but also fosters life-long communication, decision-making, and
collaboration skills. The company's product line spans the K-12 curriculum
in the areas of social studies, science, math, and language arts.

To request an evaluation copy of Women In Science contact your
representative listed below at (617) 926-6000. Please mention your code
when you call. For additional product information, visit the Tom Snyder
Productions Web site: (

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