Re: Poll: Laws re women's history education?

Darcy Lees (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 16:11:01 +0000

Regulatory Code of Washington (state) 28A.640.020 Regulations,
guidelines to eliminate discrimination--Schope--Sexual harassment
policies. (1) The superintendent of public instruction shall develop
regulations and guidelines to eliminate sex discrimination as it applies
to public school employment, counseling and guidance services to
students,recreational and athletic activities for students, access to
course offferings, and in texbooks and instuctional materials used by
(e) Specifically with respect to textbooks and instructional materials,
which shall aso include, but not be limited to, reference books and
audio-visual materials, they shall be required to adhere to the
guidlines developed by the superintendent to publeic instruction to
implement the intent of this chapter: PROVIDED, That this subsection
shall not be construed to prohibit the introduction of material deemed
appropriate by the instructor for educational purposes.

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