Re: White House Celebration of Title IX 25th Anniversary

Barbara J Tavares (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 08:42:13 -1000

There was also a vary nice Ellen Goodman column on Title IX (it appeared
locally on Saturday, July 21) and hope you caught it.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you all know that no money is attached to Title IX.
The only federal money still specifically earmarked for gender equity that
goes to states is the Perkins Vocational Sex Equity Set aside. It was
totally eliminated from early drafts of HR 1853, but has recently been
included as an allowable expense. That's quite an imporvement, but a far
cry from the old bill. These funds are paying for over half of the anuual
NCSEE conference, and fund many AAUW sponsered activities with girls in
local communitites.

HOWEVER, as of this writing, NEITHER NCSEE or AAUW have
sent out membership alerts to inform membership of the pending loss of
such funds. I hope sympathizers will fax these key committee members:

Frank Riggs, Chairman 202/226-1010
William Goodling, Chairman 202/225-9571
Mathew Martinez 202/225/-5467

Please call (808/956-6194) or e-mail me if you want more specifics.
Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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