Re: White House Celebration of Title IX 25th Anniversary

Darcy Lees (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 16:14:52 +0000

As NCSEE chair I have posted to the NCSEE Steering Committee Members,
for their information, Barbara Tavares previous e-mail messages. NCSEE
can not lobby based on our non-profit status. AAUW may have similar
status but I cannot speak for them.

Equity Advocates is the entity which has been sending to various groups
and individuals information on legislation and requests for action. To
access that group, contact Linda Shevitz at (410)767-0428 or
(301)345-9358. I have personnally received information about Carl
Perkins funding from both Barbara and Linda.

I think caution needs to be taken that as equity supporters that others
or even ourselves do not "divide and conquer us."

My agency legislative person told me two days ago that the picture for
education in DC is bleak and there are few friendly faces and a great
deal of scutiny. I am not saying to give up because we need letters and
calls for Carl Perkins and we all need to work together for equity for
all students.

Darcy Lees

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