Re: Beyond "The Color of Fear"

Nancy (
Wed, 25 Jun 97 10:43:48 EDT

Based on the strong endorsement of "The Color of Fear" in edequity postings, I
purchased the film and made it available to my Constitutional Law class. It ha
d profound impact on the students who viewed it. They did have one question:
why did the film choose to include men only in the discussion group? Is there
a comparable discussion among women and/or a mixed gender group? I also have
now moved from race to gender discrimination in the course, and coming up is
sexual orientation discrimination. If any members of the list have suggestions
regarding other videos that reach issues of sexism or homophobia that are as
powerful and well done as "The Color of Fear" I would love to have those sugges
tions. Thanks! Nancy Dowd, University of Florida College of Law, dowd@law.ufl

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