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Happy to report that the governor and the legislature reached
agreement and all is well. All are employed, and can now send
materials you requested.

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Subject: Re[2]: State Educational Equity Laws
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Date: 7/2/97 10:56 AM

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Subject: Re: State Educational Equity Laws
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Date: 6/12/97 3:20 AM

In addition to Multicultural Gender-Fair (called Inclusive Ed rule or Diversity
rule, MN
has a companion Title IX piece of legislation (M.S. 126.21) that
pertains only to athletics. K-12 interscholastic athletics state
requirements have been in place since shortly after the passage
of Title IX. The other component we have is the sexual harassment
requirement for each school to have a policy against sexual (racial
and religious) harassment and violence and to display it throughout
the K-12 school buildings (M.S. 127.46). Additionally, although
less specifically, we do monitoring and compliance of general
civil rights laws when we go on-site for vocational civil rights
compliance and we monitor in desk reviews for Title IX type of
activities annually as part of the vocational civil rights
compliance process. Can't send stuff at the moment, because
1) staff is on leave and 2) staff have received lay-off notices
as the governor is holding the K-12 education bill hostage (which
in MN includes the funding for the state education agency) for
"tax credits" for private education (looking like and smelling
like vouchers) and the legislature did not cooperate, and a
special session would need to be called to avoid layoffs 7/1/97,
and the impasse is very large and the session unlikely to come
in time.

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Subject: State Educational Equity Laws
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Date: 6/11/97 5:03 PM

The National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education is collecting
information on states that have gender equity in education or general
equity laws(that include gender). These laws are a tool for
institutionalizing gender equity at the state level, especially in light of
the loss of federal support through Title IV (Civil Rights Act) funding and
the potential elimination of sex equity mandates and set-aside funding
through the Perkins Vocational Equity Act. To date, we are aware of gender
legislation/regulations in Florida, Washington, Alaska, and California.
Minnesota and Maryland have multicultural education regulations which
include gender. Please let me know of other state regulations, and send me
a copy of the regulation and any monitoring guides. Linda Shevitz, Equity
Office, Maryland State Department of Education, 200 West Baltimore Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201, 410-767-0428; fax 410-767-0431; email - THANKS!

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