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7/15/97 10:21 AM

It would be great to have this posted.

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Date: 7/15/97 10:17 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have a list of books appropriate for the K-8 level that use
female protagonists in the story line? I'm looking for ones you can
personally recommend (or can do so based on "reliable" word of mouth) that
show females as lead figures in ways that show strength of character, physical
strength, ingenuity, or other ways that are non-"luck-based" or
beauty-based, etc. I've seen a few recommendations come across the list but
am wondering if anyone has assembled a list of such books. If not, individual

book recommendations welcome! (I know of _Great Books for Girls_ and
_Girls to the Rescue_.) You can e-mail me privately at:

Thanks for any help.

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