Suggestions sought for WEEA Digest

IValentin (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 15:29:05 -0400


I am a research fellow working at WEEA with Katherine Hanson and Susan Smith
on the activities surrounding the celebration of Title IX.

I am going to be writing several things, including a brief history of Title
IX, an insert for the NCSEE newsletter, and other informational pieces. My main
goal will be to reach different audiences with information about the history of
Title IX and its implications for the present and the future.

In this endeavor I would like to solicit anecdotes, quotes, and personal
experiences from people who have been working with Title IX and in the area of
gender equity over the years. So if you would like to volunteer please let me

In addition, we are putting together a digest providing a brief history of
Title IX. If you would like to volunteer any thoughts, especially concerning
emerging issues in the area of gender equity, please let me know as soon as
possible. We will send you copies of the completed digest.

My thanks in advance,

Iram Valentin

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