Re: pre-school kids lit.

KB (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 23:15:46 +0200

Please share this with either myself or the list if there is an interest.
I am finding myself in the same position with the principal of my
daughter's pre-k, who naturally assumed I could help her since I'm working
on a Ph.D. in education (although I tried to tell her adult education does
not qualify me for this exact subject..sigh).


> I understand that most of the material with which this list is
>involved is in the K-12 age group, but some of us are in the trenches in
>day cares.
> Recently, I led a discussion at a staff meeting in which we
>addressed gender issues very generally. The boss challenged me to
>provide a list of recent kids books (pre-school) that are not sexist.
> Would anyone care to help point me in the right direction?
>Thank you for your continued interest,
> Bill Oetjen

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