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Barbara J Tavares (btavares@hawaii.edu)
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 09:54:08 -1000

I am forwarding the legislative update of the Mink Morella Amendment that
would have retained gender equity REQUIRMENTS at some level in the new voc
ed bill. To those of you who wrote, called, and faxed, it made a

The senate discussion starts in December, so it's not over yet.

Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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July 23, 1997

Last night the House defeated the Mink-Morella amendment by the close vote
of 207-214. Ten Republicans and 1 Independent voted for the amendment and 2
Democrats voted against it.

Thank you all for your efforts over the last few days. It paid off because
the vote was closer than originally expected. And even though we lost, the
close vote positions us very well for the next two steps in the process:
the Senate and the conference committee. If we had lost by a big margin, it
would be much harder to keep our momentum going. The Senate will begin its
consideration of Perkins and job training reform in September.

A full report on the debate and vote will appear in the next issue of the
STAR members' Insider (end of next week) and LINK members' Quarterly



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