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Tue, 29 Jul 1997 17:01:30 -0400

First off, I'm sorry to include practically the entire message, but I
felt it important. I don't see why anyone should be upset with what
Women's Wire is doing. The careers listed below reflect a variety of
disciplines including technology, health care, art dealing and
marketing. What is the problem here? Is everyone assuming that Women's
Wire is suggesting these--and only these--careers for women. There is no
indication that they are trying to genderize careers. It seems to me
that they are looking to profile successful women in various disciplines
beginning with what is suggested below. Now, suggesting careers that
would help Women's Wire expand its coverage or a new title is
appropriate; but attacking this writer and Women's Wire and becoming
outraged because they have not chosen the exact same careers or wording
you would is short-sighted and illogical.

I myself would encourage Ms. Juilland to consider corporate law,
publishing, journalism, engineering, and local politics as areas for
future focus. Also, although a sex equity coordinator is not necessarily
my first choice, someone who works in a field or combined fields of
social equity would be at the top of my list. Finally, perhaps there
would not be conflict if the title wasn't "Careers For Women." Would
others be more satisfied if it was called "Profile on Careers" or some
such thing?

Whew. That was a tad long. I may not write much anymore, but when I do
it's a doooooozy. Please forgive me.


P.S. Human Resource Manager: Try Chris Connors at EDC (617-969-7100)

Gaea Honeycutt
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Barbara J Tavares wrote:
> See the bottom message in this correspondence.
> This ProfNet query was forwarded to me--no doubt to raise my blood
> pressure. Please, anyone who has some material on-line, in a fetch it
> file, etc., that will tell the writer that careers don't come in genders,
> please send it to Juilliand at her e-mail address. This
> would be greatly appreciated. I hate to think anyone with influence, such
> as a magazine, can still limit the occupational options of any
> students, male or female.

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> Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 12:58:23 -1000
> From: Donne Florence <>
> To: Barbara J Tavares <>
> BT--No need to respond to this ProfNet query, but I wanted to alert you to
> the existence of this online magazine. On the other hand, if you can point
> her to some good material that will introduce her to the concept of what a
> Bad Concept "Careers for Women" is ...
> What if I write and tell her about another career she could explore in a
> future column--sex equity coordinator?
> DF
> **9. CAREERS FOR WOMEN - WOMEN'S WIRE. For a bi-monthly
> feature I am looking to interview 2 younger (under 30)
> women. Here are the careers that I will be covering in the
> next few months: human resource manager (need leads by
> Monday), promotions director, photographer, social worker,
> health care technician, librarian, fashion designer, MIS
> specialist, art dealer, computer animator. I am looking for
> women in states other than California and New York.
> Women's Wire is an online magazine with an audience of
> about 3 million. (>>> Marie-Jeanne Juilland
> E-mail: [T::7/21:2447]

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