Female Distance Learners in Higher Education

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I am trying to get an indication if actual women distance learners support
OR disprove some recent literature findings about women distance learners
in higher education.

This survey was NOT validated, I just want to know, but I don't want to
limit any answers to these questions or any closed-type questions. The
on-line medium (e-mailing) is perfect for conversational-like responses.
So please feel free to add comments or examples, or anything else you might
like to say about female distance learners in higher education.

IF you are a female distance education student ., PLEASE participate in
this very small scale study by responding to dawn1@flex.net. NO names will
be released. Permission will be asked to reprint any comments so please
include your name and e-mail for this purpose only. Reprints may, for
example, be included in a paper as partial requirements for a Ph.D. at
Walden University.


As a female distance learner in higher education, how has this part of your
life affected parts of your other life? Please explain!

As you gained new knowledge in the educational process, how has this
affected you personally?

Prior to enrolling, and during your tenure in distance education, what have
been some of the hurdles you faced, which, in your opinion, might be
different or to a greater degree than male distance learners?

What or who has helped you overcome these hurdles?

Do you think the changes (if any) you are going through has any affect on
the society you live in? IF so, how do you consider yourself acting as a
change agent? Explain.

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Masters in Organizational Management, University of Phoenix, Distance
Education Program
B.S. Management Information Systems, California State University, Hayward

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