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>Welcome to the NWC BRIEFING, a weekly newsletter about the
>20th Anniversary Celebration of the 1977 Houston Women's
>Conference. Each week we'll highlight the latest news about
>the Conference and/or review a moment in history from the
>Houston Conference.
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>Volume I Number 1
>17 August 1997
>The National Women's Conference Committee is planning a
>national conference to celebrate the historic 1977 Spirit of
>Houston Conference on Women. The Houston Conference attracted
>20,000 delegates and observers, the largest gathering of women
>ever held in the United States, hosted by three former First
>Ladies, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford and Rosalynn Carter.
>The 20th Anniversary of that event will be held at The
>Georgetown University Conference Center in Washington D.C.
>November 20-23, 1997.
>Participants from throughout the United States will come
>together to assess the progress made toward implementing the
>National Plan of Action, the document of the Houston Conference.
>It will provide an opportunity to recognize the veterans of the
>women's movement and celebrate the successful efforts that serve
>to improve the lives of women and their families. The dialogue
>of the conference will produce a substantive report that will
>document the work of non-government organizations from Houston
>to Beijing and beyond.
>The President's Interagency Council on Women is in the process
>of producing a National Action Agenda that will guide the
>United States in follow-up and implementation of the Platform
>for Action, focusing on 12 general issues as described in the
>official document of the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women
>held in Beijing in September, 1995. The National Action Agenda
>is a compilation of recommendations expressed by thousands of
>women nationwide during a White House satellite conference
>hosted by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton one year after the
>Beijing conference. The report will be presented at the 20th
>Anniversary Conference for the first time in an open forum.
>Conference Committee Chair Mal Johnson says, "We view the
>20th Anniversary Celebration of the Houston Conference as an
>opportunity for the women of America to assess issues that
>require additional attention to further improve the status
>of women."
>Members of the National Women's Conference Committee,
>non-government organizations, students and federally-employed
>women are expected to participate in the Conference.
>For further information and registration, contact:
>Mal Johnson, Conference Co-Chair
>2020 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., Suite 267
>Washington, DC 20006
>Phone/Fax: 703.922.4468
>OR visit our Web site at
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