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Subject: Proceedings of Conference on Women in S&T Industry
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The proceedings of the conference "Tapping the Human Resource in Science =
Technology" are now available. To obtain a copy, please email the above
address or contact WITS C/o PO Box 3783, Dublin 4, Ireland. Cost =A310 p=
copy plus Post and Packing.

Further details of the proceedings follow:

The conference - Tapping the Human Resource in Science and Technology - w=
hosted by WITS - Women in Technology and Science. It focused on how
science technology and innovation are the main engines of sustainable
competitiveness for European industry.

Over the past decade, increasing numbers of women are becoming qualified=

and entering the workforce in non-traditional roles. Progressive compani=
are capitalising on this increased diversity in the workforce but they
remain in the minority. The conference particularly focused on addressin=
these human resource issues.

Speakers whose papers are reproduced in full in the proceedings include -=

Innovation in Europe - Dr Sean McCarthy - Hyperion Energy Systems Ltd. a=
EU Innovation Programme.
Tapping the Human Resource in Science and Technology - Professor Mike Coo=
- Technology Innovation Associates.
Managing Diversity - an Opportunity for Europe - Viki Ford - Kingshill
Management Consultants.
Transnational Relocation of Information Processing: Challenges for Europ=
- Professor Swasti Mitter - UNU/INTECH, Maastricht, Netherlands.
Focus on Competence - Mr Lars Akeson - Ericsson.
Equality of Opportunity within an Engineering Environment - Ms Catherine
McKeever - Short Brothers plc
Introduction to the European Action Programme - Ms Maria Stratigaki - EU =
A fair deal for women in science, engineering and technology: The campa=
continues - Dr Valerie Ellis - Institution of Professionals, Managers an=
Specialists (IPMS).

Among the key recommendations of the conference were:

The increased participation of women in policy making at national and
European levels should be fostered through increased transparency of
selection procedures; heightened awareness that people are needed for
national and European policy forums; increased awareness and better use =
databases and publications (e.g. WITS and WITEC talent banks) and the
encouragement of women to take part in relevant information seminars.

Third level training and education should incorporate business training f=
scientists; scientific training for business people and training in peop=
skills for all.

The financial benefits of managing diversity in business should be
highlighted through business publications and other media; through Europ=
action programmes; by professional bodies and through the example of
companies exhibiting best practice.

All aspects of the information society should be gender proofed. The
potential of the digital age should be harnessed to enable the inclusion =
the workforce for all and to attain an improved quality of life at nation=
and European levels.

The efforts, being made at national and European level, to raise awaren=
of science, engineering and technology and their benefits to society are=

welcomed. It is recommended that these initiatives continue and are
expanded. The programmes should particularly foster the interaction betw=
the business, education and government sectors. It is essential that th=
lead to the incorporation of science at primary level across Europe.
Science, technology and innovation should form part of the training of
teachers at all levels, in particular of school guidance counsellors and=

primary level teachers. All efforts should be made to ensure that scienc=
be incorporated into the curriculum at primary level across Europe.

For further details contact

C/O PO Box 3783
Dublin 4
Sara Bourke
Women in Technology and Science
C/O Lisvernane
Glen of Aherlow
Co. Tipperary

Phone +353 62 56191
Fax +353 62 56286

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