Gender Equity Right from the Start

Jo Sanders (
8/26/97 11:58 AM


Gender Equity Right From the Start, by Jo Sanders, Janice Koch, and
Josephine Urso. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah NJ. or (201) 236-9500

Two books on gender equity for teacher educators in mathematics, science,
and technology education, for use with preservice teachers, have just been

Gender Equity Right from the Start: Instructional Activities for Teacher
Educators in Mathematics, Science, and Technology provides teaching
materials and background information on gender equity. Grounded in a
constructivist approach to teaching and learning, the book features nearly
200 easy-to-use teaching activities reflecting real-world problems and
solutions. Activities take place in out-of-class and field experiences
whenever possible to minimize class time. Although intended primarily for
teacher educators, many of the teaching activities can also be used with
inservice teachers. This volume is $22.

Gender Equity Sources and Resources for Education Students is the
companion volume, containing materials students need to carry out the
teaching activities. It also contains extensive print, electronic,
organizational, and other resources for students' further information.
This volume is $14.50.


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