1997 WEEA Catalog Available

Fri, 5 Sep 1997 16:50:49 -0400


Julia Potter

WEEA Adds Nine New Titles to Its Catalog of
Gender-Fair Educational Resources

Newton, MA: The Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Equity Resource Center
announces the release of its 1997 catalog of gender-fair educational resources,
which includes nine new titles ranging from a new middle and high school
multicultural women's history curriculum to a working paper that helps teachers,
administrators, and researchers look at the role gender plays in the application
of technology.
The catalog lists over 100 curriculums, activity kits, working papers, and
digests covering classroom practice, math and science education, school-to-work,
violence prevention, teacher preparation/professional development, and students
with disabilities. The products are designed to help PreK-12 teachers,
administrators and counselors; school districts and school boards; parents and
students; community-based programs; school-to-work initiatives and business/
school partnerships; and post-secondary institutions create gender-fair learning
experiences for their students.

Highlights from the 1997 edition of the catalog include:
_ Women's Journeys, Women's Stories, In Search of Our Multicultural Future,
(Linda Pollack Shevitz and Susan Morris Shaffer) a middle and high school social
studies and U.S. history curriculm that uses profiles of and interviews with
contemporary women from a wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds to create
lively and moving lessons about women's impact on U.S. history.
_ Exploring Work: Fun Activities for Girls, (WEEA Equity Resource Center) a
hands-on workbook containing 30 engaging activities to help middle school girls
explore a broad range of careers.
_ Gender, Discourse, and Technology, (Katherine Hanson, WEEA Equity Resource
Center), a working paper to help teachers, administrators and researchers
explore the unconscious message that technology has a "male" persona and the
ways that message affects the use of technology within classrooms and the world
of work.
The catalog also lists issues of the WEEA Digest, WEEA materials distributed
by other sources, and regional and national equity resource organizations.
Teachers, administrators, and community members can obtain catalogs and more
information about WEEA materials and services by calling 800-225-3088; emailing
weeapub@edc.org; or writing to WEEA, Education Development Center, 55 Chapel
St., Newton, MA 02158-1060. The catalog can also be found online at EQUITY
ONLINE: www.edc.org/WomensEquity
The WEEA Equity Resource Center at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC),
supports the promotion of gender equity in education through dissemination of
materials developed by field-based grants from the U.S. Department of Education'
s WEEA Program, the only federal program dedicated to reducing educational
disparity for women and girls.

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