Wed, 10 Sep 97 12:46:26 MST

Greetings to all members of the list.

I am a science associate with the High Plains Consortium at the
Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory (HPC at McREL) at
Aurora, CO working out of my home in the eastern edge of our
region...St. Louis.

I have an interest in all equity issues, especially gender issues in
science and mathematics, and am educating myself at a furious pace. I
have only recently discovered this list and look forward to future
discussions and input from the list members.

At this point, I am searching for information on exemplary
professional development programs in equity that address the middle
school teacher. Do you know of some that I may contact?


Marty Henry

Dr. Martha A. Henry
1120 Hunter Court
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367-2509

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