The Smart Girl's Guide to College

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Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:33:25 -0400 (EDT)

I have been a subscriber to edequity for over a year now--and I have
found the forum to be very informative, and useful. I thought that edequity
subscribers would take a special interest in a project I've been working on
which is know complete.

It is a book entitled "The Smart Girl's Guide to College: a serious
book written by women in college to help you make the perfect college
choice." It is a collection of 27 personal essays and it is published by
Noonday Press an imprint of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. I am the editor of
this collection which is for college-bound girls about many of the important
and more subtle aspects of college life which they should consider when
choosing a school.

Sections and Chapters include:

city or urban
close to or far from home

small liberal arts
large state university
women's college
black college
community college
ivy league college
military college

conservative or liberal
sorority or independent
being a black woman at a predominately white school
being lesbian at an intolerant college

single sex or coed dorm
good sports and poor sports
women's studies departments

Other Chapters include:
Is the SAT Your Friend?
Financial Aid Just for Women
A Questionnaire to take with you on interviews.

The Baltimore Sun wrote of The Smart Girl's Guide to College, "It's
lively, often funny, occasionally poignant and always compelling.
It's also a useful alternative to most of the major guidebook and
special issues of magazines that Page says--accurately--'read like
manuals for food blenders'."

I am aware that many of you are concerned about providing girls with
empowering and meaningful information--and I thought that this is a book
you'd want to add to that list.

It should be at bookstores nationwide on September 18 (National
Student's Day). If you ask for it at bookstores, it won't come up in
their database unless you tell the clerk to put an apostrophe is
Girl's. It can also be ordered through Farrar, Straus and Giroux at

Cristina Page
The Smart Girl's Guide to

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