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Donlyn A. A. W. (
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 09:04:55 -0600

You may want to contact Girls Count at (303)832-6600 in Downtown Denver.
Girls Count is a non-profit organization who works with people who work
with girls. Girls Count can connect you with experts in the areas of
Gender Equity and science and math education. (I am their newest part-time
staff member but today happens to be my day off.) Welcome to McRel...great
Donlyn Whissen
Program Coordinator
Girls Count

> Greetings to all members of the list.
> I am a science associate with the High Plains Consortium at the
> Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory (HPC at McREL) at
> Aurora, CO working out of my home in the eastern edge of our
> region...St. Louis.
> I have an interest in all equity issues, especially gender issues in
> science and mathematics, and am educating myself at a furious pace. I
> have only recently discovered this list and look forward to future
> discussions and input from the list members.
> At this point, I am searching for information on exemplary
> professional development programs in equity that address the middle
> school teacher. Do you know of some that I may contact?
> Thanks
> Marty Henry
> Dr. Martha A. Henry
> HPC at McREL
> 1120 Hunter Court
> Lake St. Louis, MO 63367-2509

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