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>Greetings All: The information received from the gender-set list
>has been extremely informative to myself and our organization.
>American Center for Educational Opportunities Inc. is a nonprofit
>organization concerned with the development of educational
>programs using technology for the people in the rural communities
>of the Pacific Northwest in the United States of America.
>Eastern Oregon and the State of Idaho are geographically
>located in a sparsely populated (30,000 persons) region of
>over 10,000 square miles area.
>In April, 1998, the women's organization of Soroptomists,
>American Assn. of University Women, and Women in
>Technology International are sponsoring the first girls
>and women conference in this region.
>We would like to encourage European Women's groups or
>organizations to coordinate a teleconference during this
>event. By receiving informative data regarding opportunities
>available to girls and young women in the sciences, math
>and technology, we will be encouraging these young women
>to consider career possibilities in these areas.
>One item that we are considering is the establishment of
>a Geographical Information Systems ESRI ARCVIEW
>site license for students in elementary and secondary
>schools. AAUW has provided funds to purchase the
>software which we will use to develop science workshops
>for girls. Currently, we are in the process of upgrading six
>pcs to accomodate the software. At our learning center,
>we will be accessing scientific sites for the workshops
>including special sites that emphasis the achievements
>of women in the sciences, mathematics and technology.
>Please allow me to direct you to our donated website
>shown below for additiona information regarding our
>Ginger Gates Adame, Executive Director
>American Center for Educational Opportunities Inc.
>127 East Butterfield Street, Weiser, Idaho U.S.A. 83672
>Phone/fax (208) 549-1803 email

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